This book is all about the exciting 4th quarter of your life (60-80). It is your G.P.S. map filled with insight, humor, and excellent advice. Go for it!  

Book Description

From the Author

Baby Boomers are shocked that the future keeps showing up faster and faster! Time doesn’t just fly by; it seems rocket propelled. Just the day before yesterday, we were young, and today we are incomprehensibly called “seniors” moving quickly into the fourth quarter of our lives. It is incredible and amazing to us. What you will find in these pages is an engaging and informative look about the fourth quarter of life. It is a glimpse of what is coming up around the corner, filled with insights, humor, reality, truth, wisdom, and the occasional profundity that will make you think, wonder, smile, pause, and genuinely reflect upon your life. The tidal wave of Baby Boomers born between 1946 and 1964 represent nearly one out of every four Americans, over seventy-five million strong. Boomers, 60ish, are rapidly entering the fourth quarter of their lives with big plans for their bucket list. Today is a great time to take stock and consider a navigation guide to make your last quarter the very best, along with some hoped for “overtime” beyond eighty. Here is an opportunity to explore a revealing in-depth review of your life’s game-plan going forward. It will help you avoid some pitfalls, give you food for thought, and offer some wise counsel on a host of concerns to boomers in the fourth quarter of life. Health, happiness, money, sex, marriage, work, family, goals, purpose, and dreams are all covered, along with many other important observations. This book will challenge some of your misconceptions on aging, encourage you to make better decisions, and dispense some humor and laughs along the way. Everyone can discover many nuggets of useful tips, along with new awareness and appreciation for the precious years in the fourth quarter of our lives. May you make yours the very best it can be in setting a course for your own life. Enjoy it, live it, and make it special to you. Make it so.