Baby Boomers are shocked that the future keeps showing up faster and faster! Time doesn’t just fly; it seems rocket-propelled. Just the day before yesterday we were young and today we are incomprehensibly called “seniors” moving quickly through the 4th quarter of our lives. Incredible!

What you will find in these pages is an engaging and informative look about the 4th quarter of life. It is a glimpse of what is coming up around the corner filled with insights, humor, reality, truth, wisdom, and the occasional profundities that will make you think, wonder, smile, pause, and genuinely reflect upon your life.

It is important for “boomers” (and others) to take stock of where we are on the journey of life by contemplating and reviewing the G.P.S. map of our life. The 4th quarter of life can be great with some wise planning, a little luck, and a clear path of where you want to go and what you want to do.

An alternative approach to reading this book is to browse through the table of contents and skip around to personally relevant chapters that speak to you. The book is not necessarily linear and each chapter is self-contained. Presently, perhaps only two-thirds of this book may apply to you in some way and the good news is the chapters are short and a quick read, even if left in the bathroom. But without question, other chapters certainly apply to someone near and dear to you whether it be a relative, neighbor, friend, or colleague. Consider ordering them a book copy as a personal gift to help illuminate their life journey. As your life evolves, other chapters will become more relevant and have greater personal significance to you. The opportunity to come back and consider all your options and life strategies will be worthwhile as a review.

This book is a wonderful opportunity to share with others over a potluck dinner or as a book discussion on the meaning of a truly “successful” life and what is of real importance. Some people go through life as the driver behind the wheel while others are just bystanders on the side of the road wondering what the heck is happening and where the heck they are going. Include younger generations in the debate as well to help give them more clarity and direction for their future. The goal is to inform each life to make it the best it can be. Carpe Diem. Best wishes for a good trip.

Michael Lee